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Moonlight and Chocolates: Chapter 2

"Please, not again," said Aman's roommate, Sanjay, after seeing the parrot in his hand.

"He will be with us for a month at least. My friend will be out of town for a long time."

"You know how much I hate that annoying parrot," said Sanjay

"Enu!" said the parrot in a screeching tone.

"Everything has a cost, my friend. Now, you'll need to throw my birthday party next week", negotiated Sanjay screaming from his room.

"Fine, I'll do that. You can invite whoever you want", agreed Aman.

When Kiara entered the party, a peculiar sound caught her attention, drawing her towards the balcony. To her surprise, there was a cage with a parrot inside. Struggling to recall if she had seen it, she began playfully interacting with the colorful bird. Aman joined her and explained, "That's Enu. It belongs to my friend. I am a temporary caretaker while he is away."

"Hi, I am Kiara. You must be Aman, Sanjay's roommate?"

"Yes, that's me."

After an initial exchange of getting to know each other, Aman asked, "Oh, so you work at the same office as Sanjay?"

"Yes, I am his colleague," smiled Kiara while looking at the parrot.

"I am surprised he never mentioned he has a smart and beautiful colleague like you," Aman murmured, ensuring Kiara wouldn't hear it. From that interaction, a subtle curiosity sparked within their hearts. They found themselves drawn to each other's presence, eager to explore the depths of their yet-unknown connection. It felt like the universe had conspired to bring them together, orchestrating their destinies to intersect at this very moment.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Aman and Kiara became familiar faces in each other's lives. Conversations flowed effortlessly as they shared stories, dreams, and vulnerabilities. Each interaction revealed new dimensions, forming a bond beyond the realm of strangers. Their bond grew more robust, fortified by the seeds of trust, respect, and admiration they had planted within each other's hearts. They discovered a profound sense of belonging, recognizing they had found a home in each other's presence. They shared experiences, forming memories of love, laughter, and understanding. From strangers to companions, they embarked on a new chapter of their life with hearts full of love, intertwined dreams, and blessings from their families.

As newlyweds, their days were filled with laughter, affectionate glances, and the joy of discovering the intricacies of each other's personalities. Whether preparing meals together in the cozy kitchen, cuddling on the couch while watching their favorite "Star Wars" series, or embarking on spontaneous adventures, their love grew stronger with every passing moment. The simple gestures, like surprise breakfasts in bed or love notes left on the bathroom mirror, celebrated their deep connection each day. With their shared dreams and unwavering support for one another, Aman and Kiara carved a path of cuteness and companionship, building a foundation of love.

One day, they decided to declutter their house and make space for new furniture, symbolic of their upcoming first wedding anniversary. Amidst the process, Kiara's curiosity was piqued by a chair perched horizontally above the bathroom ceiling. She inquired about it, and Aman responded, "Hold on, let me get it down. It's a bit damaged, but we can get it repaired." With its captivating orange color and yellow-painted seat, the chair caught Kiara's eye. She recalled seeing a similar chair in the apartment building where she used to live before moving in with Aman. Carefully examining the right handle, which was pristine, her gaze shifted to the damaged left handle. A mischievous smile formed on her lips as she found the chair strangely attractive. Aman noticed her fixated gaze and exclaimed, "Oh no, no! Don't even think about it. We're not getting rid of it. It was the first piece of furniture I ever bought for myself." Kiara remained silent, accepting his decision with a hidden sense of excitement. On that day, a peculiar and surprisingly pleasant feeling washed over Kiara. She couldn't quite put it into words, nor did she feel the need to share it with Aman. It was a secret she decided to hold close to her heart, a silent acknowledgment of the signs of destiny subtly weaving their way into their lives.

Kiara was busy in the kitchen a week later when the phone rang. Aman's voice trembled on the other end as he shared the urgency to meet his father. He boarded the next available bus from his office route without wasting a moment. The local bank required his presence to sign crucial documents regarding their ancestral farm. Kiara didn't interrupt him, but her heart sank with worry. She asked him to stay safe and take care. Abandoning her cooking plans, she replaced them with a glass of wine, basking in the white light of the full moon.

Two days later, Aman started his journey back, carrying two packets full of chocolates, one lovingly saved for Kiara. Anticipation filled the air, but alas, the long-awaited day never arrived. Aman never returned. He left Kiara stranded in a world meant for the two of them, forcing her to care for herself, to navigate the lonely path of existence within the walls of a house destined for their shared dreams. The calendar page was filled with numerous crosses, marking the relentless time since she received the heartbreaking news of the bus accident that had taken Aman away. Despite the efforts of the doctors, their battle to save him ultimately ended in defeat after ten painful days.

Kiara was still waiting for Aman to join her for dinner in the moonlight with a pocketful of chocolates.

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