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A not-so-beautiful world

“Mom, is the world out there beautiful?”, a voice asked curiously

Unaware if she could hear the voice, her mind questioned herself furiously.

Life is going to change for everyone here. The mother thought, what if it’s a baby girl?

Would that be a big deal for her?

Never thought for a moment about the same.

A weird thing, she prayed, even if it would be a third girl-name.

"Dear God, I am not asking you to bless me with a boy.

I am asking you to bless others with wisdom.

It’s unsafe for girls, they say.

Why not teach others to make them feel safe,

and so shall be raised with freedom?

Bless me with the courage to let my child fly fearlessly in this beautiful sky you created.

Bless me with the strength which shall prove love is more beautiful than hate for others.

Bless me with the sight to show my child the world where people are not backstabbed.

I want to raise my child in a world,

Where humanity speaks more than a piece of paper and knowledge is the only weapon.

Where the strength is found in apologies and forgiveness.

Where kindness is free of cost, but anger has to pay the most.

Where beauty is a measure of smartness.

The world out here is beautiful indeed,

but watch out, my child.

Beautiful is not always good.”, the mother thought.

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