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Of Me

My daughter,

You will always be of me

And nobody can change that

You are made from the very morsels I ate

And molded of the thoughts I thought

You’re brimming with the material where I could

You’re empty where I could not

The distance you intend to put between us

shrivels at the sound of my voice

For the heart that slept to my lullabies

Beats to my rhythm without a choice

You rage at the mirror that you see me in

Cracks, flaws and hair undone

The image of me is permanent

But the masks you built, shatter a million

There is no God nor heaven for you, my love

Not even the certainty of hell

Just the desolation of a cracked soul

As you replace me with every barter and sell

You are of me and nothing can change that

You thrash and jump in vain

So cry at my shoulder and sleep in my lap

Come. Be whole again

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