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Time whispers

She closed the fierce winds behind her, shutting the door. She reached for the footrest and positioned it just right, ensuring her comfort as she embarked on another journey through the pages. She began flipping through the worn, parchment-like pages, and the words decorated her time. She could smell the vibrant purple flowers by the serene lake.

While she immersed herself in the search for the farthest secrets, her father was out there, adding new chapters to her life.

He strolled along the same tranquil lake, cupped his hands to splash his face with refreshing water, and added a dash of patience to his day as he had done for years.

Thus, his routine. He had endured countless sleepless days and nights, all in the pursuit of capturing a star, the elusive bright star that had once graced his vision.

His memory has the moment etched. When the moon cast its darkness and ethereal lights danced in the night sky, he would pray to his Norse gods for a glimpse of that celestial wonder once again.

The bright star had found its permanent home in his time, just as he had found his way to this breathtaking island, guided by trees that sailed and the setting sun. He had arrived on these shores, built a fire, and had been drawn by the curious sight of smoke and bubbling waters by the lake's edge. The allure of the unknown had beckoned him, and he had spent the entire night along the banks of the lake.

Suspecting he wasn't alone in this enchanted place, he had sung out loud, his voice echoing through the stillness. As his songs reached the ears of gods, he witnessed a spectacle of unparalleled grandeur. The romantic dance of emerald lights and rose swirls canopied his world.

To him, it was a gift from the gods, a reward for his songs. Amidst the canopy of the sky, the starlight bled through. Its radiant glow enveloped him, carrying him away from himself.

Back in her room, she turned the page, her fingers brushing over empty parchment that filled her with wonder. What had become of him after that moment? How had he ascended to the heavens and gave her the gift of life? These were questions that lingered, their answers shrouded in mystery.

As she patiently awaited those answers, yearning to hear from him once more, she'd hear the songs quite distinctly at times, and she would try her best to run towards the voice as if chasing echoes of the past through the winds of time.

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